The ZXX Font Readme.

ZXX is a font for people who care about privacy but also .

1. Install on your computer

2. Use as a web font

3. Original readme.rtf

The ZXX typeface. The site it was on,, is dead. It appears cybersquatters are redirecting the domain name to some kind of browser-based spyware plugin. This readme was adapted from the Read Me.rtf file originally included with the font.

The font was developed by Sang Mun.

The name ZXX comes from the Library of Congress' Alpha-3 ISO 639-2 -- codes for the representation of names of languages. ZXX is used to declare No Linguistic Content; Not Applicable.

Download & disperse in your convenience. Prohibited from any commercial use. Email for any specific inquiries.

The font face is copyright 2013 Sang Mun.

Font face was last modified: 1 October 2013. Slapped onto GitHub by me in 2020.